To our Supporters

To our Supporters

The Nelson Car Show is still here, and its name has not changed

The trustees of the Nelson Car Show Trust wish to thank you and everyone who has supported our events over the years.

From humble beginnings in 2005 the show has evolved through several venue changes, a change of name, and a number of events hampered by wet weather. Despite these setbacks we are proud to have achieved many successful events over 9 uninterrupted annual shows. We also wish to particularly acknowledge the support of the Nelson Holden Club during the early years of the show.

As we approach the 10th anniversary event, we find ourselves once again facing hurdles due to circumstances beyond our control. The show will go on, but first we'd like to dispel some rumours.

Mr Steve Steele joined the Nelson Car Show committee several years ago. It has come to our attention that during this time Mr Steele has made arrangements on behalf of the Nelson Car Show that he did not have the authority to make, and that he has been making statements to the effect that he is the primary organiser of the event. Having served less time on the Nelson Car Show committee than any other current member, Mr Steele has never been the primary organiser.

In September 2013 Mr Steele resigned from the Nelson Car Show committee, advising us that he was starting a new event, using our previously confirmed venue and dates! You may have seen advertising for this event, which has been given a very similar name to the original Nelson Car Show, and Mr Steele continues to make statements inferring that his event is a continuation of the Nelson Car Show. This is untrue.

The Nelson Car Show is no longer in any way affiliated with Steve Steele or his recently formed event.

So, what does this mean for the Nelson Car Show? Firstly it means yet another change in venue. However we are also excited to embrace this as an opportunity to return to our enthusiast roots. The 10th Nelson Car Show will be completely free for all entrants and spectators, held on the field at Tahunanui Beach on Sunday 9th February 2014.

The 2014 Nelson Car Show will be a relaxed, alcohol-free, one day event aimed at motor vehicle enthusiasts. We extend an open invitation to all vehicles and all enthusiasts. Not for profit enthusiast clubs and groups are also invited to put on displays and promote their organisations should they wish. There will be a single award for People's Choice of the best vehicle as voted by entrants and spectators.

To our previous sponsors, thank you once again for your support. This year we will only be working with a few key businesses as absolutely necessary to run the show. To everyone else, we ask nothing more than for you to come along and enjoy the event for free. Please be cautious of anyone who approaches asking for sponsorship claiming to represent the Nelson Car Show.

To anyone else who wishes to support the show with donations of any kind we thank you for the kind thought, however we will not accept donations for the show or any other cause. We are very sad that it has come to this, but we cannot be the target of rumours claiming monetary profit when there is no money involved!

If anyone has any concerns about the identity or authority of anyone claiming to represent the Nelson Car Show, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

The Nelson Car Show Trust is still not for profit, run by a small group of committee members. The objective of the trust is to run the show in order to foster the general recreational hobby of motor vehicle enthusiasts, with a focus on supporting local enthusiasts and groups.

Yours sincerely

Karl Tompson, Justin Radford, Wendy Blincoe, Graeme Blincoe
(Trustees of the Nelson Car Show Trust)